September 12th, 2022

Ontario NDP statement supporting Charter challenge against Bill 124

QUEEN’S PARK — Interim Ontario NDP Leader Peter Tabuns released the following statement in support of the Charter challenge against Bill 124, after speaking at a morning rally on the courthouse steps:

“Doug Ford’s wage cap is unconstitutional because it robs people of the right to bargain collectively, and I’m grateful to the workers who are leading the fight against this legislation in court. This is about standing up for working people, and protecting the public services they deliver.

From clerks and drivers to nurses and educational assistants, the exodus of disrespected workers means those that remain are run off their feet and being asked to do more than ever, as inflation takes a bigger and bigger bite out of their paycheque. Working people are hurting, and services are crumbling.

The NDP will not rest until Doug Ford’s unconstitutional wage-restraining legislation is ripped up. Workers in Ontario deserve higher wages and more respect, and that’s what we’ll keep fighting for.”