June 7th, 2024

NDP’s Glover calls to address root causes of gun violence with new motion

TORONTO – Ontario NDP MPP Chris Glover (Spadina – Fort York) joined Director X, members of the Zero Gun Violence Movement, and community members to mark the second National Day Against Gun Violence and bring solutions that address the root cause of gun violence in our communities.

“The biggest predictor of an episode of gun violence is a previous episode of gun violence,” said Glover. “If we don’t address the anxiety, fear, depression, and PTSD that comes out of each act of gun violence, they feed back into the cycle.”

Glover has introduced a motion at Queen’s Park to increase mental supports, through projects such as Operation Prefrontal Cortex, and to restore the Victims of Violent Crime funding to ensure community supports and prevent future incidents of gun violence.

“Physicians see up close the devastating and lifelong consequences of gun violence on victims’ physical and mental health,” said Dr. Najma Ahmed, co-Chair of Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns. "This is a public health challenge Ontario must confront, and MPP Glover’s motion offers a constructive path for doing so."

Director X (a.k.a. Julien Christian Lutz), co-founder of Operation Prefrontal Cortex echoed Glover’s calls.

“In our shared journey to address the rise in gun violence, we must acknowledge its indiscriminate impact while embracing innovative, science-driven solutions,” added Lutz. “Our exploration of meditation not only addresses trauma but also curbs violent tendencies. This approach holds promise for crafting province-wide solutions that prioritize safety and well-being for all.”  

“Meditation saved my life. In 2015, I witnessed my best friend die from a stray bullet. Not only was losing her at 26 years old devastating, but the experience of being present was so traumatic. I meditated every day and through various practices I was able to cope and ground myself. While I will never fully heal from this experience; meditation has helped me find acceptance, peace and safety - so much so that I dedicated my life to it. I am an advocate as well as a meditation teacher.” Franca Abate, Producer of Operation Prefrontal Cortex and Owner of The Soul’s Life

“I survived the mass shooting that took place on the Danforth on July 22, 2018, and I learned just how much wounds stretch far deeper than the physical impact on the body." said Ali Demircan, spokesperson for Danforth Families for Safe Communities. "Sadly, the support systems to help us deal with the aftermath, and for our loved ones to deal with the aftermath, do not seem to exist. We desperately need the Provincial Government to take a comprehensive public health approach to gun violence in Ontario, one that invests far more in counselling and programs that help victims and their families to recover.”